Bubble Party

Interactive * Energetic * Memorable

Wondering what exactly is a "Bubble Party"?

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Fun Facts about Bubble Parties . . .

What is a Bubble Party?

Bubble Parties are a 50 minute entertainment program that are catered to children with age appropriate music, interactive dances, games with optional prizes and thousands and thousands of bubbles which makes the party loads of fun!

They are mostly performed outside in the schools/centre’s play area but can be adapted to work inside if inclement weather is a factor. The music is upbeat and energetic, the games are simple and easy to teach. As soon as the bubble machines click on we’ll have your kids dancing and moving. The energy is infectious! 

What you get from having a Bubble Party


We keep your children engaged, active and creating memories that'll last forever!

Physical Activity

Children need to move and stretch their muscles. Bubble Parties have them dancing, jumping and running non-stop!

Loads of Fun

Laughing, Dancing, Jumping!

What Customers are Saying

     I just wanted to thank you once again for the amazing Dance Party that you played for our Centre! The children were so excited and you kept everyone actively involved for the entire time. The music was current and age appropriate for all our children – right from the toddlers to the school agers. The games and activities that you led kept everyone interested and involved. I can’t say enough about the amazingly good time that everyone had. The children still talk about it and even play pretend dance party!

Thanks again for the awesome event and for sharing your talents with our group! We’ll be sure to have you back next year!


Marilyn Valgardson

Executive Director

Assiniboine Children's Centre

Just wanted say great job. The T.K.C.C. Bubble was amazing! The kids are still talking about today; all the feedback from other staff & children is awesome! thanks again; take care!

Laura Corbet

Assistant Director

Treasure Keepers Children Centre

Summer Bounce Entertainment